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Tabletop Fountain Rock Tower Tabletop Fountain

The soothing sound of cascading water will bring peace and harmony to your room. This stacked rock tower fountain can be placed on any tabletop; just add water and plug it in!

Features polished rocks below in the square basin for the water to wash over.

Weight 1.1 pounds. 5.25" x 5.25" x 5.25". Polyresin. Plastic Pump. UPC Number: 849179030186.

Our Price: $38.99
Level Flowing Fountain Level Flowing Fountain

Peace, harmony, and great design come together to create a fantastic water fountain for your living space. Water cascades from level to level, creating a soothing sound and ambiance that’s highlighted by internal LED lighting. Submersible 7V water pump included.

Weight 1.8 pounds. 5.88" x 4" x 9.75". Polyresin, plastic, LED light. UPC Number: 849179027537.

Our Price: $43.99
Water Fountain Lotus Bloom Tabletop Water Fountain

Turn any room into your home’s center of calm, peace, and tranquility with this gorgeous tabletop fountain. The soothing sound of gently cascading water flows over stone-like lotus blossoms and into the basin.

Fiberglass. Submersible water pump included. Some Assembly Required

Item weight: 4.6 lbs. 8½" diameter x 9¼" high. UL Recognized. UPC: 849179021719.

Our Price: $68.99
Hummingbird Haven Fountain Hummingbird Haven Fountain

This fountain is absolutely breathtaking! This stunning show of motion and light is sure to be the showpiece of your garden both day and night, with luminescent lights bringing the birds to glowing life as the sun goes down.

Submersible pump and electrical adaptor included. Natural river rocks included. AC/AC adaptor model: input 120V AC 60Hz 150mA. Output: 12V AC 500mA.

Total Weight: 9.8 lbs. 11" x 10½" x 22¼" high. Resin, metal, and plastic. UL Recognized UPC: 849179010676.

Our Price: $155.99
Cascading Fountain Apple Barrel Cascading Fountain

Ready for a dramatic and charming fountain for your yard? This beautiful three-tiered fountain features apple barrels with black iron banding, and the top has an old-fashioned black iron pump that makes the whole fountain flow with water.

Item weight: 17.4 lbs. 23" x 14" x 33" high; 74" long power cord. Fir wood and iron. 6W submersible water pump included. UPC: 849179024925. UL Recognized.

Some Assembly Required

Our Price: $164.99
Eagle Fountain Eagle Strength Fountain

This stunning water feature will look great indoors or outside. The base features a weathered tree trunk that flows with the soothing sight and sound of cascading water. A majestic eagle is perched on the trunk, surveying the land below.

120V submersible water pump included.

Weight 20.2 pounds. 14" x 10.5" x 23". Stone powder resin. UPC Number: 849179027490

Our Price: $219.99
Mosaic Courtyard Fountain Mosaic Courtyard Fountain

Impressive fountain gives your garden the instant grandeur of a palace courtyard! Graceful faux granite columns and bowls feature a stylish mosaic-look trim; sculpted pineapples add a stately welcoming touch.

Weight 21.3 lbs. Polyresin. Electrical Pump included. UL Recognized. 19 1/4" diameter x 34 1/2" high. UPC: 849179004989

Our Price: $220.99
Water Pump Solar Fountain Teamwork Water Pump Solar Fountain

This solar-powered water fountain features two adorable children in cahoots to fill their pail with fresh water straight from the well pump. They enjoy working together while the solar-powered panel makes the water flow all day long.

Item weight: 16.6 lbs. 15¾" x 8¾" x 28¾" high. Resin. Solar panel, pump and electrical adapter included. UL Recognized. UPC: 849179019389. Some Assembly Required.

Our Price: $275.99
Solar Water Fountain Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain

Grace your garden with rustic romance and the music of flowing water! Elegant faux cobblestone fountain features the convenience of two power options: Solar panels for cord-free enjoyment, or an optional electrical plug for shady locations or overcast days.

Weight 17 lbs. Polyresin, stonepowder, and sand. Solar panel, pump, electrical adapter included. Some Assembly Required. UL Recognized. 15 3/8" x 15 3/8" x 25" high. UPC: 849179010386

Our Price: $280.99
Relax with this great collection of fountains.  Both indoor and outdoor fountains will provide you with the sound of peace and relaxation.  Indoor fountains are great for your home or office as you work through your day.  Many are illuminated to add beautiful lighting to your space.  These outdoor fountains will enhance your space with unique options, whether cascading water or solar lighting.  Spend your day listening to your favorite fountain.  We have the best fountains at shhomeandgarden.com with the best prices.